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The Elusive Peace of God

by Amy Welin

I have had a lot going on this spring.

I find that when I want to pray, the wild gerbils persist in running through my mind,

distracting me from the quiet presence I seek.

Hungry for God,

I have returned to an old practice of slowly repeating to myself a verse from Psalm 46.

As I say the verse, I slowly breathe in the peace of God. I spend a few moments listening to my breath.

With each repetition, I pare away a few words.

This quiets my soul and welcomes me into the quiet I seek.

<breathe>  Be still and know that I am God.  <breathe and listen>  

<breathe>  Be still and know that I am.  <breathe and listen>  

<breathe>  Be still and know.  <breathe and listen>  

<breathe>  Be still.  <breathe and listen>  

<breathe>  Be.  <breathe and listen>

May the presence of God bring you peace.

Amy Welin

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