On the door to my workshop is an icon of St. Joseph. He is there to remind me to Pray First each time I enter. My intention in hanging the icon was to transform my relationship with my tools and my work. Joseph reminds me to keep the joy in my work at times when my focus narrows to productivity and profit. Seeing him reminds me to slow down, to work safely, and to be ready to put aside the drive to accomplish in order to welcome Incarnation in whatever form it will take today.

    Which icon would you choose and where would you hang it to remind you to Pray First? St. Martha, who showed great hospitality to Jesus, in your kitchen? Jesus holding a child in the nursery? St. Gregory, Doctor of the Church, in the classroom? St. Francis in the barn? How about St. Christopher in your car to encourage you to turn your commute into a time of prayerful communion so that you can arrive in peace?

    Praying first has the potential to transform every bit of our lives whenever we take the time to do it.    

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