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For God alone my soul in silence waits...

By The Reverend John Burton

My journey over the past few years has been leading me away from religion to spirituality. I use religion in the previous sentence to refer to a system of believing and practicing and spirituality to name an experience of being in the world that seeks to be open to the divine in each moment. One text that has accompanied me on this journey is the opening lines of Psalm 62:

                        For God alone my soul in silence waits;

From [God] comes my salvation.

[God] alone is my rock and my salvation,

My stronghold so that I shall not be greatly shaken.

(Book of Common Prayer 669)

These words remind me that my deepest intention in each moment is oneness with God. Through repetition of these lines during my morning devotions, they have become like a walking stick for me. They offer support and balance when the way is rocky and my energy flags. In times of silence, fear, uncertainty or joy, these words well up inside of me, reminding me to seek the Holy in that moment. And this experience of God’s presence has become the working definition of salvation for me.

In joy, in grief, in disappointment, in perplexity, in good times and hard times, in the middle of the night when I have trouble falling back asleep, these words arise to remind me that my deepest intention is to be present to the experience of God in me and me in God.

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