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  • About PRAY FIRST

    PRAY FIRST is an invitation to experience God's presence in each moment of your life. It is a reminder that we can change our lives, our relationships, and our meetings by the simple act of inviting God to be present in them. It is a reminder that in each moment there is an opportunity to begin our prayer and our life anew.

    What is Prayer?


    Prayer is responding to God, by thought and by deeds, with or without words

    (The Book of Common Prayer)

    How do I pray?


     There are lots of ways to pray. See below for some simple ways to get started praying, or go to the Pray Always page to learn how to deepen your prayer life

  • Breathing Prayer

    You can build regular prayer into daily life when you find a short phrase to match to your breathing.


    Choose a short phrase to repeat to yourself as you breathe in and out. Use one of the phrases below or choose something else from Scripture.


    Lord, increase my faith.

    O God, make haste to help me.

    Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done.

    Abide in my love.

    Open my heart to Your love.

    My God and My All.

    Jesus, my light.

    Our help is in the name of the Lord.

    Holy Spirit, pray in me.

    My Lord and my God.

    Speak Lord, Your servant is listening.
    Bless the Lord, my soul.

    To you O Lord, I lift my prayer.


    (Adapted from Thomas Keating, Open Mind, Open Heart)

    Scribble Prayers

    Try taking a few minutes to write down the names of a few people who are on your mind and heart today. Maybe they're sick or having a hard time, or maybe you don't even know why you're thinking of them. Just write down their names on a sticky note or a scrap of paper and then read the list (silently or aloud) to God.


    You may find over time that these lists help you stay more in tune with the people around you, people you know and even ones you don't know! You may catch yourself listening to their stories and noticing reasons they might be the ones to populate your list that day.

    In The Morning

    The Bible tells us that God's mercy is new every morning.  Each day is a chance to begin again.  Ask God to be with you today.

    At the End of the Day

    Now as we come to the setting of the sun,

    and our eyes behold the vesper light,

    We sing your praises, O God


    -from O Gracious Light, an early Christian hymn


    Where did you experience the presence of God today?

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